Welcome to +1CH
The personal website of Dave Willson

I am constantly generating new ideas and have made a career, both academically and professionally, in finding creative ways to express them. Sometimes that means jotting a few notes or sketches and other times it means building complete systems.

Early on, I used film and then started using the web and digital media to create interactive experiences. I have continued exploring new technologies and researching new theories to broaden my skills and knowledge. I never claim to know it all, but I love trying.

Thanks to more than 5 years of great experience working in the Educational Informatics team at The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. I have been part of multiple information system designs, ranging in roles from writer, UI designer, business analyst, and digital analyst. Since having started my Master’s of Information degree focusing in Information System Design and Knowledge Media Design, I refined my own personal goal down to this – turning great ideas into great systems.

Please have a look at some of my work and drop me a line.

You can find me @DaveWillson or reach me through Dave[at]plusonech.com

My work history includes:

  • Overseeing the launch and ongoing maintenance of thePrincessMargaret.ca on SharePoint 2010.
  • Gathering the requirements for the second and third iteration of the clinical documentation program.  Originally launched in 2008, the iterations improved functionality, enhanced data captured and expanded clinical capacity to serve multiple sites.  Requirements techniques included paper prototypes, use cases, and wirerframes.
  • Deployment and customization of Ellicsr.ca on Drupal 7.  Used CSS3 to translate a graphic design into the site’s theme.
  • Completing usability testing on second iteration of CaringVoices.ca, Canada’s first online social media platform created by a hospital.
  • Developing Metrics Plan for CaringVoices.ca, including the definition, measurement and reporting the site’s KPIs to senior management
  • Publishing papers on New Technologies and Information Policies
  • Presenting improvements in clinic metrics based on new technologies