Week 2: Understanding what makes you tick

Every year, millions of people set New Year’s resolutions for themselves, and shortly after completely giving up on them.  My  most recent learning initiative resembles one of those resolutions, and has encountered the same challenges that everyone trying to alter their lifestyle or improve their situation faces.  I’ve had the long work hours, reduced sleep, home repairs, the list goes on and on.  Justifying these daily requirements with my latest personal interest is something I have to do every day.

So, why bother?

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Start of something new

A long time ago, I coded a simple, and it was fun.  I stopped because it got hard and I didn’t like having to sift through lots of code to fix errors.

Now, after many years, I’m back to coding, and I realize I like the challenge and the puzzle.  I have also learned that the hard things are the best things, and so now I start the learning process, but at least I appreciate it now.

Once a week I’ll check in with my progress.

jPod, is it too smart for me?

Ok, yeah, a review of a book that is several years old, whoopie!
But this blog is for my thoughts, and no one reads this, so who cares?
What really got me was the page after page of code the characters would search through. Someone said it was a waste of time and basically a way to inflate the page number. That didn’t really make sense to me, but what struck me was that this sort of like the lame puzzles you are presented in bad video games, and that’s when I started thinking “Is this book really about video games?”
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Another Endorsement of a Show No One’s Watched.

Called “the best show on television” by more than one critic, The Wire has been ignored by the population at large. Even after the boost HBO’s programming received for the critical and mainstream hit The Sopranos, The Wire never achieved the same success. After arriving late to the party myself, I have just finished the third season DVD set last night. Having read reviews with the words “dark, depressing, and gritty” I was prepared for a “dark, violent and visceral” experience I hadn’t seen yet on television, which I thought impossible after Deadwood — my personal favourite HBO show. Ultimately, the most depressing part about The Wire isn’t the life of the characters on screen; the worst part is that the audience seems to have ignored the trials and tribulations of the fictional world just as much as they have the real world.

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