Paper Prototype

The Project:

The eCancer Survivorship Consult is a synoptic note application used in the Survivorship Clinic.  Using a series of web forms, the clinician documents the visit with a patient, their clinical documentation is built based on the clinician’s selections in the web forms. The application’s third iteration required a significant redesign to accommodate the addition of a new follow-up visit form, as well as include the necessary data elements for a new user group, in this case a new Cancer Type.

The Challenge:

During user testing of the system I discovered that while all the necessary data elements were captured in the form, the clinical flow was negatively affected by the new structure. Having used the majority of our budget, there was no option to add any additional functionality that may have simplified the problems, nor did I have the time to build a prototype in another program.

The Approach:

I decided to use the paper prototyping methodology to work through the UI with the clinicians.  I printed out each separate web form field and made them into their own paper cut-out, which I used to lead a design session with the clinicians.  Using some tape and board, we restructured the forms, ran mock patient visits and reordered the cut-outs until I was able to reach consensus on a design that met the requirements as well as kept the clinical flow intact.

My Role:

Led participatory design sessions to gather requirements and user interface design.  This was then given to the developers to produce the updated forms.