Week 7 – Ideas without execution are just dreams

Last weekend I was in Chicago, and since most of the rest of my week  is busy working overtime, I didn’t get much done.  However, in the time I did have I kept going back to the XML parser because most of what I want to do involves working with XML feeds that are already available.

What I learned Technically

As I said, I didn’t get  chance to work on too much, but I did continue to work with the XML parser.  It was just the iTunes feed right now, but there are a number of other great resources available that are open to use.  I’ve struggled looking at the iTunes feeding and understanding how the programmers deciphered it for the book.  I’ll work on the challenge of adding a more detailed view of each item, but I’m hoping that will help, and seeing how other were able to understand the feed.  If not, well then I’m just going to keep reading up on the net.

Hopefully my development will pick up as I got a new MacBook coming in!  WOO!

Recommended Reading

I’m going to recommend everyone use Feedly, an app for reading RSS feeds.  The Chrome extension is great, and their iPhone App is fantastic.  Protip: swipe down to mark as read.

Recommended Watching

Friday Night Lights – the entire series.  It starts off with a big hit, and it keeps going.  2nd season sucked, but still had a couple interesting items.  It seemed to get its soul back in the third season, and completely flipped itself on its head for the fourth season, and then going out nicely during the fifth.  It has one of the nicest and most realistic marriages ever portrayed on television, too.

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