Week 11: Delays

Ok, so it isn’t really week 11.  I thought, however, that I need to get back to the weekly postings.  The past few months have been exceptionally busy with my work, and unfortunately the thing that got cut out in the long weeks were my extra projects, like my coding.  The good news is that while my coding in iOS has gone down, my experience with software development has gone up!

One benefit of working where I work is I am the closest thing to a “technical” resource that we have.  Though that is both good and bad, in this case it has been good because I have been involved in the requirements gathering and visioning for a rather large web-based initiative that could very well affects hundreds of thousands of people.  For the line of work I’m in, that’s a great positive.

I have a plan to return to my code now, but I suspect it will be something I end up doing for work that gets done first, oddly.

What I learned this week Technically:

State Pattern, Actors, Models, Events, and Transitions.  Again, at my work, I am fortunate enough to have a visiting PhD fellow from Montreal who joined our team to give some structure and frameworks for how to best structure our technical projects.  He also has worked on a project I have been envisioning along with others for the past few months.  While I had initially thought I had described the project adequately, it wasn’t until he walked us through a presentation that I understand what my previous explanations had lacked, and that was the “lingo” of development.  We have used maps to illustrates the journey for some time, but this fellow was able to apply the proper software terms based on his knowledge that helped me work through what I had said, but not what was understood.

I have always used design strategies similar to this, albeit usually hastily written in pen somewhere on my notebook to illustrate what I think is the solution to the problems at work.


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