Week 8: Leaving the books behind

The title is slightly misleading, since it assumes I’ve finished the book, but I haven’t.  Instead of finishing the book, I’ve made the decision to dive head first into development.  I won’t leave the book behind entirely, since there is a chapter on SQLite that I think will help me, but I feel I have enough of a groundwork that I can working on my own things, and I’ll learn as I go.  Beyond feeling like I have enough of a foundation, the other reason is that I needed to get serious and set a series deadline for myself.

At some point, someone needs to decide whether their hobby remains something they will do for themsleves on their time, and to what extent they will push it.  When I started this process of learning Objective-C and the iOS platform, it was meant to be something I incorporated into my day-to-day job.  Thinking it and making it happen are two different things.  It was this week that I decided that if I’m serious about making this a part of my job, or my life, I had to get serious and set a goal for myself.

So, here and now I state that I will have 1 published application on the Apple Appstore in one year’s time.

Some may scoff at the idea of one application in a year, since some people can turn out a product in a few days, but to them, I say “That’s nice.  I’m not you.”  The truth is, sure, I COULD put something out in a few days, but I wouldn’t be happy with it, and it would be completely unfulfilling for me.  Since I don’t have a long history of developing, I’m not only struggling with wanting to produce something of high quality, but I’m learning the language to do what I have in mind.

For now, I have a number of games in mind and a few applications, but I think I’m going to focus on one specific game, and one application.  I can’t be sure I’ll have both published within the year, but I hope to have the application ready before the year it out.

Wish me luck!

What I learned Technically

Due to some work projects, I have learned a great deal about APIs, XML and other development languages.  I’ve also learned a lot by doing.  By starting to code my projects, I’ve been forced to think about HOW I’m going to develop the applications.

Recommended Reading

Forget reading this week.  If you haven’t, go out and watch the entire Friday Night Lights the series.  You can skip the second season, but the rest is fantastic television.

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